The Design Process of Commissioned Fabric Art

Each beautifully translucent piece by Banner Art Studio is designed by our artists to catch a building’s air currents and ambient natural and artificial light. We design in collaboration with our clients to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork and banners that represent the spirit of a community or place.

  • Needs Assessment

    Our skilled artists will work with your organization and any available resources including your architects, art buyers, interior designers, and/or to-scale architectural renderings to design a piece that meets your needs and complements your space. The Needs Assessment will allow us to propose the planned time of delivery and cost of your upcoming custom art installation. The price of the final piece is dependent upon size, materials and complexity.

    Examples of Our Work
  • Design

    Based on the Needs Assessment, our artists will present a visual representation of your project in a format that makes the most sense for your team and the overall installation. We will deliver a sketch, scale model or 3D rendering of the piece including the installation’s exact specifications. Banner Art Studio offers fixed cost pricing for design work.

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  • Build

    The Banner Art Studio team will handcraft, sew and weld your mobile installation, banner or flags in our 10,000 square foot studio in Del Norte, Colorado. Our technique employs years of experience, a broad and inspiring portfolio, and our talent to bring your unique idea to life. Banner Art Studio will design a completely new, custom work of art that meets both your organizational objectives and enhances your building’s architectural style, your streetscape, or wherever your piece of original art will reside. We use the border appliqué sewing technique which results in a superior finished product. See Examples of Our Projects

  • Suspended butterfly installation for Wings of Hope Family Crisis Center in Tulsa Oklahoma


    Banner Art Studio has developed an assembly process for our suspended installations that makes them easy to pack, ship and install. All of our artwork features easy installation and cleaning. Installing your finished piece can be simple, “like hanging a Christmas tree decoration,” says artist Mettje Swift. “I think of my work as jewelry for architectural spaces.” Complete and detailed installation instructions are provided with every piece. We provide an optional Installation, Care and Maintenance Program for all of the art we produce.

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Featured Blog Posts

  • Testimonial
    Jo Hohlbein, Creative Director, Indianapolis Zoo

    The entire installation is fantastic, beautiful and unique. Mettje is able to create things that are both artistic and functional. She's a true artist, but has the ability to think things through, and she has a real knack for engineering. What Banner Art did for us really works for the Zoo, and Mettje is a joy to work with.

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  • Testimonial
    Cathy Cherry, Architect, Large-Scale Suspended Art Installation

    Banner Art's large scale hanging art installations take the next step and help convey emotion, using colors and shapes that are familiar to a person, like doves, hearts and the autism puzzle piece. I was looking for a hanging art mobile that was large scale. The fact that Banner Art Studio mobiles are fluid and move continuously with interior air currents was very interesting to us. We saw that this would create excitement within the space. My goal was to take that excitement to an emotional level for the viewer.

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  • Testimonial
    Ami Fair, City of Cortez , City Beautification with Fabric Banner Art

    Banners from Banner Art Studio give us a way to promote events going on all summer long. They are a communication tool, but they're beautiful. The look is unexpected, colorful, and draws the eye. They do a great job of communicating to visitors and reminding locals about what's coming up. I have never found anyone else who can compare to Mettje and her team at Banner Art Studio. The beauty of her work is that it can be so personalized, yet the process is surprisingly simple.

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Our Clients


Downtown Districts

Enjoy colorful, hand sewn border appliqué banners by Banner Art Studio on your streets and sidewalks. Make your streets, parks and public places a great place to be. Banner Art Studio creates beautiful design in eye-catching hand-sewn graphics. Mettje Swift has a track record of 36 years of experience with designing for community groups both large and small across the U.S. and overseas. Read more about Downtown Districts.

Zoos, Aquariums, Botanic Gardens

A picture’s worth a thousand words! Get people to your zoo, aquarium, museum or botanic garden exhibit with beautiful fabric visual aides. Read more about way-finding signage for zoos, Aquariums, Botanic Gardens..


Medical Centers

Banner Art Studio designs sculptural fabric art for medical and hospital office interiors as well as facilities of all kinds. After years of success enhancing human space, we love what we do and are still getting better at it. Our goal is to create human friendly art and develop a sense of community and well-being. The reason our work is perfect for large places is because it is light weight, easily cleaned and maintained and above all is just plain beautiful. We design kinetic art and hanging banners for hospitals, dentist’s offices and doctor’s offices. The visual interest brightens large open spaces and creates a unique aesthetic. Read more about art in hospitals, medical centers and doctor’s offices.


Schools & Colleges

Complement your school’s interior design and architecture, decorate your gymnasium and showcase your university’s core values and school spirit with a Banner Art Studio applique banner, art display or hanging mobile. We have a 30 year track record of success helping schools, colleges and universities create a sense of community with custom art and banners. Read more about hanging fabric art in schools, colleges and universities.

Recreation Facilities

Banner Art Studio has been producing art for gymnasiums, community centers, museums, convention centers and recreation facilities across the country and the world for the past 30 years. Message-oriented banners let tourists know why your community is special, create a sense of neighborhood pride, and celebrate seasonal events at your recreation facility. Hanging mobiles and mobile installations are kinetic scupltures that enhance an interior space and brighten large open spaces indoors. Read more about how our art brightens recreation facilities.

Architecture Firms

Our artistic process helps hospitals, universities, research centers and nonprofits create maximum impact while staying within budget. Read about the process an architect uses when designing and decorating an interior space here. Read more about hanging fabric art designed in collaboration with our architect firm clients.

Children’s Centers

Trust Banner Art Studio, a company with a 30 year track record of success working with children’s hospitals, schools, childcare centers and children’s recreation facilities to help you create a sense of community and well-being with custom art for your children’s center. Large scale hanging mobiles and mobile installations enhance your children’s facility’s aesthetic, brighten large open spaces and sending a positive, unifying message. Schools, museums, zoos, youth centers and recreation centers use our kinetic mobile art for kids to reinforce core values, create a sense of community, and ignite a child’s learning process and imagination. Learn more about how our clients use hanging art in children’s centers around the country.

Cities & Municipalities

Banner Art Studio helps cities and municipalities around the U.S. and the world express their core values and advertise upcoming festivals with custom art and banners. We create big, high-quality, colorful custom hand-sewn applique over the street fabric banners, boulevard banners, and promotional flag banners that let tourists know why your neighborhood is special, create a sense of community for residents, and celebrate seasonal events. Downtown groups, chambers of commerce, recreation centers and town halls across America utilize our talented artists to create works of suspended indoor art that brighten and beautify their spaces. Learn more about fabric banners for cities and municipalities.


Churches, religious institutions and faith-based schools and universities are the perfect setting for colorful, hand sewn custom applique art from Banner Art Studio. For over 30 years we have been creating stained-glass fabric art that beautify holy places. Let us help unify your congregation and send an uplifting message with a custom, hand-sewn applique banner. Trust your project to the experts at Banner Art Studio for attractive artist-rendered design, eye-catching hand-sewn fabric graphics, and a track record of 30 years of experience with religious organizations both large and small across the U.S. Read more about custom-created banners for churches.

Commercial Properties

Trust Banner Art Studio, a company with a 30 year track record of successfully creating suspended art for commercial spaces, to help you express your company’s core values and create a sense of community with custom art and banners. Your property’s architecture will benefit from message-oriented banners that inspire employees, create a sense of community among patrons, and beautify interior spaces. Large art mobiles for commercial installation are a form of kinetic art that enhance your building’s aesthetic, create a memorable experience for your customers and brighten large open architectural spaces. Read more about hanging fabric art for commercial properties.

Special Events

Our banners were at the heart of a 22 year international mystery surrounding the World Championship of Mountain Biking, and have even flown in the space shuttle! Like all of our banners, the banner shown in this photo is a well-known, beloved and memorable banner with a story to tell. Its voyage around the world led it to be strung across a main street in the Swiss Alps. Read more about the special event banners Banner Art Studio creates in collaboration with our clients.

Festivals, Farmers Markets & Fairs

The best way to advertise upcoming festivals and catch your target market’s eye is with colorful custom art and banners. We create big, high-quality, colorful custom hand-sewn applique over-the-street fabric banners, boulevard banners, and promotional flag banners that let tourists know why your neighborhood is special, create a sense of community for residents, celebrate and promote seasonal events. Read more about how your event can become top-of-mind for all potential attendees with our high-quality fabric banners.

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