Mettje Swift, an Artist in Her Loft

Mettje Swift, founding artist and creative director at Banner Art Studio, is well known in Colorado and beyond for her incredible nylon fabric banner art and large scale atrium fabric sculpture.

“I think of my work as jewelry for architectural spaces,” says Swift. “I seek the elegant line and use contemporary colors in fabric architecture. My style is characterized with free flowing lines and organic forms.”

Corporate Office Art: Givaudan Flavors, Cincinnatti, OH


Born in Golden, Colorado, she has lived most of her life in the American West adjacent to the high desert plateau of the Navajo Reservation. Native American art influenced her love of patterns and adornment of simple structures. She began making and designing fabric art banners in 1978, opening her studio in 1984.

“Watching flags wrap the currents of the wind is inspiration for my art. The aesthetic comes from nature, indigenous design and modern art.”

Banner Art Studio has been building community through art for over 30 years.

“I have never found anyone else who can compare to Mettje and her team at Banner Art Studio,” says longtime client Ami Fair, Marketing Director for the City of Cortez, Colorado. “The beauty of her work is that it can be so personalized, yet the process is surprisingly simple. We haven’t deviated from Banner Art products because of the diversity of needs they meet in such a beautiful way.” Read more testimonials from our delighted clients here.

Banners work because, according to Mettje, “the tradition of Banners, is, by nature, public art.” This is the philosophy guiding the entire whole team at Banner Art Studio. “Banners & hanging mobiles adorn architectural spaces, but most importantly, represent pride and human aspiration.”

Banner Atrium Art: University of Colorado

“As the work has evolved,” says Swift, “I have adopted new forms and structures for interior decoration, corporate workspace design and architectural spaces. I focus on balanced and kinetic suspended works. The installations are creatively adapted to the location. The use of natural and artificial light brings out the jewelry-like translucence of the fabric.”

One of our corporate clients says:

“I was tasked with the challenge of re-inventing my group of companies in processes, technology and facilities. This included updating one of our company’s logos and its slogan. As a lover of visual art for its use in motivating people, I was looking for something to represent the modern direction our company is taking. I believe we achieved this with Mettje’s help.” – Greg PolakPolaquimia / Polak Group, Mexico City, Mexico

An architect we recently worked with describes how Banner Art Studio product uniquely met her needs:

“When our client does not occupy an entire building, we need to find creative ways to convey their message. A hanging art mobile is an incredible way-finding tool. Working with Banner Art Studio’s fabric and steel armature art rather than the alternatives creates maximum impact while remaining cost-effective.” –Cathy Cherry, Founder, Purple Cherry Architects, Annapolis Maryland

See more examples of our work in the Banner Art Studio Galleries.

Hand-Sewn Telluride Film Festival Banners. Photo Credit: Ralph Barnie

From expertise in fabric art and sculpture to superb seamstresses and exquisite workmanship in welding, Banner Art Studio brings the following to every project:

~Solid experience you can trust
~A reputation of excellence since 1984
~Close-knit, dedicated staff
~10,000 square foot studio
~Long-term relationships with our clients
~Versatility and a true artistic eye

Since 1984, we have been using art to build community in schools & universities, government municipalities, hospitals & doctor’s offices, recreation facilities, children’s centers, museums and commercial properties.

In 1995, Mettje relocated her banner production studio to Del Norte, Colorado where she
has sufficient space with high ceilings in a 120 year old adobe warehouse. Here she is free to investigate and develop new ideas. She employs from three to eight craftsmen and women at the studio, and uses old-world craftsmanship plus the best in cutting-edge technology to produce custom hanging artwork.

Banner Art Studio produces its beautiful hanging art for many downtown districtsschools & universitiesgovernment municipalitieshospitals & doctor’s offices,recreation facilities, children’s centers and commercial properties. Mettje and her staff love to explore the effect of outdoor light pole banners on community identity. They use banners in landscape design, outdoor art, to unify urban design for streets, celebrations, and neighborhoods.

Our artistic process helps hospitals, universities, research centers and nonprofits create maximum impact with suspended art installations while staying within budget.

“I was so thankful to be in communication with Mettje for (our) project,” says client Jo Hohlbein, Creative Director at the Indianapolis Zoo. “She asks the right questions, and helped me think through all of the issues related to both the interior mobile art and the outdoor installation. She knows what she’s doing, and her experience working with different architectural spaces and in different environments is invaluable.” View her entire testimonial – and an in-depth interview about the creative process with Banner Art – here.)

"Butterfly Kaleidoscope" suspended installation at the Indianapolis Zoo's Hilbert Conservatory

"Butterfly Kaleidoscope," an Indoor/Outdoor Art Installation, The Indianapolis Zoo

To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (719)657-2967, shoot an email to or fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities. We have a broad, inspiring portfolio, and our talent is to bring your unique idea to life. Banner Art Studio will design a completely new, custom design that meets both your organizational objectives and enhances your building’s architectural style.


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