Built to Last: Suspended Art Installations That Stand the Test of Time

Peirce at work, fabricating butterfly "skeletons"

We often talk about the artistry and client collaboration that go into our suspended art installations, but don’t always discuss their strength and durability. Thanks to the talented and creative Andy Peirce, our welder for over 10 years, we are able to create both delicate and durable structures that withstand the elements and the test of time.

Welded butterfly "trees" for the Indianapolis Zoo's outdoor exhibit

Shown above working on eight-foot butterfly “skeletons,” he also fabricated the sixteen-foot tall “tree” or branch structures that support them (right) for an outdoor promotional display meant to attract new patrons for our client. Word is that the butterflies are working, drawing in a record number of visitors. They have sparked interest, serve as a reminder, create excitement and are often used as an outdoor photo opportunity.

These 3D free-standing butterflies were constructed to withstand the elements, including wind and rain, but they also had to look delicate and be easy to assemble and break down. For our indoor suspended art installations, the steel work has to be light enough to move with interior air currents and create a “mobile” effect, yet durable, elegant and simple to assemble and install.

Finished outdoor butterfly display


A close-up of Andy's handiwork


A welder by trade,  Peirce’s background in custom-welded mountain bikes speaks to his skill set: creating structures that are lightweight yet durable and functional. Over the years, he has welded the stainless steel armatures for many of our suspended art installations, and recently helped us come up with a new assembly process that allows us to ship very large pieces virtually anywhere in the world.

All of Andy’s structures are made of TIG welded stainless steel. According to Peirce, “the work is surprisingly much like bike fabrication, including lots of coped cuts, both mill cut and hand filled.”

Always a hit: our large-scale butterflies welded by Peirce. Terrebonne General Medical Center, Houma, LA



Thanks Andy for all of the great work! View more examples of his handiwork in our Galleries.

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