Suspended Art Installations

Suspended Art Installations for Architectural Interiors

Suspended Art Installations

When designing a suspended art banner installation you need something that is beautiful and expertly crafted; a design that will pop out and highlight the people and place and transform human spaces.

This requires a level of expertise that not every art creator has. We at Banner Art Studio have this expertise and our Colorado artist and sculptor Mettje Swift has been creating these unique and outstanding fabric artworks for years.

Whether it’s meant to hang in a hallway, entryway or atrium, conservatory, exhibit halls, an office building, daycare, and school facilities, hospitals and corporate offices, maybe even your own home, our Suspended Art Installations will give subtle color and flair to your location while fitting the space and the intent of the owners, architects, and visitors.

We collaborate, making sure there is approval on every step of the process. We provide photos if there are design changes proposed by either the client or the artist. We make changes as needed during the design phase. You will be thrilled.

If you are curious about some of the suspended installations we have worked on you can find them at these links:

  • Terrebonne Medical Center in Oklahoma
  • Graceland University Iowa
  • City of Alhambra California
  • Butterfly Kaleidoscope Cincinnati
  • Holloman AFB New Mexico

Suspended Art Installations         Suspended Art Installations

Our suspended fabric art sculptures are made with stainless steel armature and covered in a tapestry of translucent nylon fabric. With natural or artificial light, the fabric lights up like stained glass. The bright, translucent nylon reacts to changing lighting across the day and into the night.

Give us a call at 719-657-2967 to talk with Artist/Owner Mettje Swift and begin the process of creating your own suspended banner art for your own particular space. Mettle works with the architectural site to create beauty and a sense of place.

Embrace Suspended Art

Suspended Art InstallationsOur Suspended Art Installations are, as the name implies, intended to hang in the air on fine cable that appears almost invisible. The installation appears to be suspended in the air. They will naturally move with the interior air currents of the building. The more the pieces move the more mobile they are. Static installations are equally fascinating.

Beautiful banners can go just about anywhere. Outside, inside, in an atrium, or all three at once. Open spaces like atriums, long hallways, and foyers are perfect for our work.
Let’s talk about the aesthetic of the building. All buildings have an idea, a concept behind the structure and Mettje incorporates that concept to take up empty visual spaces and provide sound absorption, as well as beautify the site. As beautiful as the fabric is, as lightweight and easy to handle as it is, it provides echo reduction in all sites and locations. They look great, they’re out of the way and fill unusual areas that are often boring drab locations like stairwells or hallways.

The fun is how creative we can get during the design planning. You are in charge of what results in you want and some give off a 3D effect which, when hitting the wind just right, looks like they’re spiraling. We created outdoor “trees” to hold suspended butterflies to give off the impression that they were flying through the air outside a butterfly exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo.

We want to be creative with our Suspended Art Installations and the best way to do this is through collaboration. Tell Mettje what you are going for. Explain it to her and she will re-create that for you.

Durable Fabric Banners That Last Years

Our Suspended Art Installations use heavy-duty yet lightweight Solarmax 200 & 420 Denier Nylon. We hot cut every single piece to prevent fraying. Using these outdoor fabrics ensures your Suspended Art Installations remain strong and durable. Our materials are made right here in the USA. All wear points are reinforced, and grommets are set in 1 1/2″ or 2″ polypropylene webbing. City installation crews love our banners!

We use a nylon mesh to reduce wind load, by designing the mesh into an attractive element of the overall design. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the materials used in creating fabric street banners.

Suspended Art Installations
Suspended Art Installations

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Embrace creativity through Suspended Art Installations. If you would like to speak with Mettje about installing one of these banners to your location then give us a call at 719-657-2967 or just contact us using our online form. Once your banner is installed you will be happy you did.