Light Pole Banners

light pole bannersLight Pole Banners

Create a celebratory atmosphere like beautiful, hand-sewn light pole banners to promote holidays, events, and the town’s overall beautification. Town municipalities can use light pole banners and street light banners to beautify city streets, neighborhood malls, and local plazas. But not just any light pole banners will do. Typical vinyl light pole banners lose their vibrant colors over time, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve probably seen them all. Commissioning a light pole banner for our city from Banner Art Studio ensures you are getting a high-quality artist design. Your banner will have hand-sewn appliques and will last for the years to come. These unique light pole banners have even positioned themselves as a staple that townspeople look forward to seeing every holiday and event.


Banner Art Studio offers a unique hand-sewn applique process. All light pole banners have a high-quality, unified look. If you are looking to brand your city, fabric banners can set your main street apart from the rest. In order to create high-quality, durable light pole banners, we use Dupont Solarmax fabric. This fabric is known to stand the test of time and is the superior choice for the discerning downtown.

The graceful and colorful fluttering of street light banners showcases community pride. And one of the most popular selections for a city’s beautification program. At Banner Art Studio, we always put out a superior product. We work hard to develop a design you’ll love and be proud to hang in your city. In the following photo, you’ll see our Light Pole Banners at Colorado Springs’s iconic “Antlers” Hotel. You can see that each banner has eye-catching colors and is slightly opaque to create beautiful colors at any time of day. Is your main street or business ready to discover it’s brand? Call us today at 719-657-2967 and talk to an artist about your city today.

light pole banners

Custom Street Banners

Our fabric, sewn street light banners get attention and compliments from every community. These custom street banners are two-sided, made of translucent nylon fabric, and sewn with as many vibrant colors as wanted for your specific design, project, or banner. Our artist will personally light pole banners are hot cut from special nylon banner cloth, which seals the edges and prevents any fraying. Our bright nylon, outdoor use fabric is a very durable cloth, treated in order to avoid ultraviolet degradation and easy to clean. The nylon fibers do not absorb grease or dirt and can easily be washed clean.








light pole banners

Our Light Pole Banners at Colorado Springs’s iconic “Antlers” Hotel


Light Post Banners

Historic Districts have a particular need for high quality, beautiful banners to integrate the landscape design with their small, classic light poles, light post banners, or light post flags. Banner Art Studio light post banners are ideal for highlighting historic streetscapes, malls, and plazas. In collaboration with her clients, including municipalities, downtown groups, and neighborhood associations, designer Mettje Swift and the artists at Banner Art Studio create triangular-shaped decorative applique banners to highlight the streetscape. Mettje’s design eliminates the bottom arm bracket, which often invites vandalism, visually blocks the view, or bumps heads.







Lighted Banners

If you’d like to see more of our unique banners that our customers and communities rave about, please check our gallery page! You’ll be able to see our across the street banners, public installations, butterfly mobiles, and suspended art banners.

Banner Art Studio is well known for our durable light post banners for city streets, historic districts, community buildings, recreation facilities, courtyards, and neighborhood parks. Our light post banners render a stained glass effect to make your city’s streets stand out. They are artist-designed and constructed from bright, translucent, highly durable fabric. Installers that are use to hanging up banners in high wind areas, love that we can incorporate mesh to reduce wind load.

All projects may include multiple designs, custom shapes, sizing, and color variations. We want to make sure that our unique light pole banners capture the essence of your unique city. Contact us today or call us at 719-657-2967 and request a quote to discuss your Street Light Banner project.








Banner Art Studio can design personal banners for your town’s light poles:

fall banners

Fall Banners

holiday & winter banners

Holiday & Winter Banners


collegiate banners

Collegiate Banners

destination banners

Destination Banners






light pole banners

Event Banners

patriotic banners

Patriotic Banners

spring and summer banners for cities

Spring & Summer Banners for Cities

custom banners

Custom Banners







lighted banners

Lighted Banners



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