Custom Main Street Banners

U.S. Made ‘Across The Street’ Custom Street Banners

Decorate your city and downtown area with artistic Custom Main Street Banners. At Banner Art Studio, our outdoor fabric mesh street banners and street pole banners use the best quality light translucent nylon fabric and nylon mesh. If your town or city holds:

  • Music & Art Festivals
  • Food & Wine Festivals
  • Annual Community Events
  • Farmers Markets

Street Banner art created in Colorado

You add to the anticipation of your community special event with a custom-designed fabric and mesh street banner that resonates with your community spirit. Artistic, graphic designed, Street banners create interest and value for any of your city gatherings.

These durable and decorative fabric banners are used year after year throughout towns, cities, and for events all around the U.S. Our fabric banners have become a staple of annual town events that residents and visitors look forward to seeing every year. Don’t worry about stressing over town or state codes. Our banners are constructed to satisfy regulations. 




Memorable Branding

Our custom border appliqué sewn banners are large fabric murals that hang across your town or city street. These ‘across the street banners,’ have helped many community event planners stir up interest to attend or look into the upcoming community event. Commission an across the street fabric banner to promote special events in your community and create an iconic banner that is the talk of the town year after year.

To make your Custom Main Street Banners timeless, Banner Art Studio can design your banner with a changeable date, event, and location panels. Vinyl banners deteriorate and are heavy and come down in the middle of the night in a windstorm. Choose the long-term solution! Banner Art Studio can help you create an aesthetically-pleasing banner you will be proud to display for years. All of our banners are available with an optional care and maintenance program. This program offers cleaning, and updated banner details annually, such as event and date panels that change from year to year.


Special Event Street Banners

Get your residents ready for your upcoming special event, festival, or celebration with a stand out Custom Main Street Banners. You know what makes your town special, which is why award-winning Colorado artist Mettje Swift will work one-on-one with you to design your town’s or event’s custom Custom Main Street Banners. “Class up” your street banner display and put your community’s best foot forward.

Our special event street banners are loved by small towns and large festivals alike. We’ve had the privilege of working with an impressive client roster that includes the Telluride Film Festival. Our banners have flown in the space shuttle and were at the heart of a 22-year international mystery surrounding the World Championship of Mountain Biking. Want to see more of our work? Check out examples of our work in the Gallery.

Photo Credit: Ralph Barnie

The Banner Design Process

There are no ‘blind spots’ when working with us. We work with you every step of the way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your community’s special event Custom Main Street Banners. Here’s how the banner design process works:

  • Collaborate to create a message and use colors that tell your story.
  • Mettje, our award-winning artist, sends you the design you collaborated on, which includes strong and beautiful fabric graphics, for your approval. 
  • This step is where we turn your approved design into a beautiful piece of fabric art.
  • Once you receive your banner, you’ll be able to hand it off to your installation crew! They’ll love our banners because they are sturdy yet lightweight, easy to handle and store in small spaces.
  • We have an optional care and maintenance program for your banners.

 We’d love to invite you to learn more about our artistic process.

Street Pole Banners

Street Pole Banners

Durable Outdoor Custom Main Street Banners That Last Years

Street Pole Banners

Our Custom Main Street Banners use heavy-duty yet lightweight Solarmax 200 & 420 Non-Fray Denier Nylon. Using these outdoor fabrics ensures your outdoor banner remains strong and durable. Our materials are made right here in the USA. All wear points are reinforced, and grommets are set in 1 1/2″ or 2″ polypropylene webbing. City installation crews love our banners!

We use a nylon mesh to reduce wind load, by designing the mesh into an attractive element of the overall design. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the materials used in creating fabric street banners.

Street Pole Banners

Full-Color Custom Fabric Street Banners With an Artistic Touch

Our custom fabric street banners are the superior alternative to any vinyl print banner. Our customers will tell you the same. You can read our customer testimonials and see what they are saying about their fabric banners. Our custom fabric street banners are long-lasting, artistic, full-color, and eye-catching. Across the street, signs and street pole banners are an extraordinary way to advertise and promote special events in your community. Plan for your community’s Custom Main Street Banners today and request a quote for your across the street fabric banner or call us at 719-657-2967.


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