Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners for Architectural Interiors

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners
Atrium Hanging Entry Art Installation, Holloman AFB, White Sands NM

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners
Butterfly Kaleidoscope, Indianapolis Zoo

Colorado artist and sculptor Mettje Swift creates large-scale, lightweight hanging fabric banners and hanging art installations for interior design requirements. Her team fabricates banner sculptures of translucent nylon fabric stretched on stainless steel armature.  Achieve balance in spaces in large architectural settings. The lightweight suspended art floats in interior air currents. The pure colors of the fabric react with natural and manmade light to brighten interior atrium spaces. Mettje draws inspiration for the balance of suspended mobile sculptures from the hanging mobiles of Alexander Calder. The suspended art, fabric sculptures, and mobiles decorate atriums, entryways, and entry spaces.


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What do we call this kind of art? Fabric architectural art, architectural banners, fabric banner art and suspended sculptures, suspended hanging fabric banners, fabric mobiles, interior hanging fabric banners, floating sculptures, and many other descriptions.

The point is that the beautiful fabric catches the light and adds life to your atrium.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners

The armature of the sculptures is constructed of welded stainless steel tubing and is light enough to move with interior air currents.

The suspended installations use individual elements,  hanging from varying heights, which fill a space with gentle movement and color.

Mettje designed and installation which she named “kaleidoscope” made-up of individual kinetic mobiles hanging in a space that was 40 feet by 25 feet within the Conservatory at the Indianapolis Zoo.

The photo above shows bright pink tropical flowers, with the mobiles hanging in the warm, Eden-like paradise of the Hilbert Conservatory at White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners

Our Suspended Art Installations, use the translucent, jewel-toned fabric panels to catch the light and air currents. For the Zoo, the intention was to make visitors feel more welcome and to mimic the flight of butterflies.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners

Read more about the project (including an interview with Jo Hohlbein, Creative Director at the Indianapolis Zoo), here.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art BannersMonarchs in Flight, Terrebonne General Medical Center, Houma, Louisiana

Banner Art Studio worked with a local art representative of the Hospital to design a large scale suspended art installation that maintains continuity of the hospital’s brand, messaging, and art motifs. The sewn surface design of leaves and monarch butterflies represents transformation and sends a message to patients, guests and staff that this is a place of renewal, healing, and regeneration.

Like all of our hanging atrium art, the tapestry of the mobile is attached to welded stainless steel armatures that we also create in-house.

The art is lightweight, light translucent, and has therapeutic meditative movement.


Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art BannersThe city of Alhambra, Suspended Art Installations

This colorful suspended balanced fabric mobile measures 17 feet x 7.5 feet, and is constructed of a stainless steel frame and light-translucent, nylon fabric. Copyright Mettje, represented by Jackie Ehlers Santa Monica, CA.

The piece is typical of a Banner Art hanging art mobile installation. Our installations fill large, open interior architectural spaces such as atriums, lobbies, entryways, hallways and rotundas. Suspended installations serve to absorb sound as well as add color and motion to the human environment.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art BannersBirds in Flight, Crystal River Elementary School, Carbondale, Colorado.

Banner Art Studio created two installations that adorn the hallways and staircases of Crystal River Elementary School in Carbondale, Colorado.

Our piece for the school titled ‘Birds in Flight’ (shown above in “What do we call this kind of art?”) measures 7 feet x 7 feet. ‘Butterfly with Little Ones’, adorns a school staircase at Crystal River, measures 7 feet x 5 feet.

We work with LKA Architects, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mettje and her staff work closely with interior designers, architects, art consultants and facility managers to design original art for site-specific custom art installations.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art Banners

Suspended Installation for Wheeling Jesuit University

Cerulean Warblers, Wheeling Jesuit University. The Warbler is a popular local bird in Wheeling West Virginia. This original art mobile is placed in Wheeling Jesuit University to create a suspended art installation including leaves of the Paw Paw tree, a low-growing tree that is plentiful in the Warbler’s habitat. The suspended mobile sculpture measures approximately 28′ vertically and 11′ horizontally and is suspended in “Lundy Lounge,” a large atrium and gathering place for students. Read the story behind this suspended art installation here.

Custom Art Installations & Hanging Art BannersGraceland University. Banner Art Studio crafted an installation for Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. The hanging art is made by sculptor Mettje Swift and decorates the University’s cafeteria.

The abstract shapes and design of this hanging installation were inspired by early 20th century abstract artist Vasily Kandinsky. Artist Mettje Swift crafted the installation based on input from Graceland University students. Mettje’s talent is crafting pieces in collaboration with clients, identifying what communities value based on interviews and focus groups. The Banner Art Studio team is able to then create art that reflects a client’s core values, spirit and aspirations.

This installation adds color and motion to the space, animating the interior and creating a friendly environment for students, staff and faculty alike. Multicolored translucent banner cloth is attached to geometric shapes made of fiberglass and lightweight stainless steel tubing. The individual kinetic sculptures vary in size and shape, and the total area size of the atrium hanging installation is 50 feet x 50 feet x 10 feet.


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