Large Scale Suspended Art Installation: Monarch Butterfly Mobile for Corporate Client in Mexico

We recently delivered this large scale suspended art installation of monarch butterfly atrium art for corporate client Polaquimia, part of the Polak Group in Mexico City. The mobile tells the story of a company that has been working on agricultural and water treatment innovations since 1919, today with a renewed emphasis on ecology and sustainability.

The large scale suspended art installation hangs beneath skylights in the atrium of Polaquimia’s corporate offices, suspended beneath 18 foot ceilings, catching natural and man-made light. The art mobile is 11 feet wide by 7 feet high, and its inspiration came from Greg Polak, member of the Polak Group’s founding family.

“I was tasked with the challenge of re-inventing my group of companies in processes, technology and facilities,” says Greg. “This included updating one of our company’s logos, and its slogan. As a lover of visual art for its use in motivating people, I was looking for large scale art to represent the modern direction our company is taking, and to inspire our staff.”

Every year, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies travel the length of North America to spend the winter in Mexico. Monarchs have been symbolic for the people of Mexico through the ages. The indigenous people called the monarchs the “souls of the departed” because their arrival in early November coincided with festivals honoring the dead. Central Mexico’s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve near Mexico City is a conservation area, a World Heritage Site and an important hub for tourism. In recent years, the Mexican government has taken steps to help preserve the monarch and its habitat, making the butterfly synonymous with environmental protection.

“Polaquimia received the ‘Clean Industry’ award from SEMARNAT, Mexico’s EPA, and our new slogan is ‘Ecosustainable Chemical Innovations.’  I believe that with Mettje’s help, we were able to use this art installation to convey our direction and purpose as a company.”

We at Banner Art are pleased to add Polaquimia to our growing list of international clients, including Ceide Fields Archeology Museum in Dublin Ireland, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and more.

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