Client Interview: Ami Fair, City of Cortez on City Beautification with Fabric Banner Art

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Banner Art Studio client Ami Fair, Marketing Director with the City of Cortez, Colorado, on the many city beautification projects she has done with Banner Art Studio. The City of Cortez is a long-time client, and has hired us for many seasonal and repeat banner projects.

“The City’s Tourism Office has been working with Mettje for much longer,” says Ami, “but I’ve been working with her for the past eight years.”

She recently took the time to share her thoughts on how the objectives of a city’s Marketing Department can be met with Banner Art’s hand-sewn Solarmax downtown district promotional solutions, including across-the-street banners, light pole banners and festival banners.

As Marketing Director, Fair’s mission is to promote the community of Cortez, its events and festivals, culture and heritage, quality of life, businesses and city government. She works closely with many stakeholders, including local businesses, organizations, museums, and events and cultural groups to achieve those objectives.

She has commissioned Banner Art Studio to produce across-the-street banners, large event banners, and specialty items including promotional banners for the Ride the Rockies bike tour, farmers markets, rodeos, cultural Native American banners, balloon rallies and flag pole banners every year for the summer season including at least 40-50 side street banners. Here is our interview with her.

BA: What keeps you coming back to Banner Art for your city beautification projects?

AF: “I have never found anyone else who can compare to Mettje and her team at Banner Art Studio. The beauty of her work is that it can be so personalized, yet the process is surprisingly simple.”

BA: What types of rules, regulations and codes do you have to work within when commissioning banners?

AF: “We have to work within specific state rules that govern our main street, which is a state highway. Regulations require that we use a certain percentage of mesh, and across-the-street banners that are quite sturdy. Our across-the-street banners can only hang for two weeks at a time, and must be placed at specific locations on the downtown highway. Even the messaging must meet certain standards. The state requires that they be event-specific, which keeps them fresh. General messaging, for example, ‘Welcome to Cortez’, is not permitted. We give Mettje these rough ideas and restrictions she runs with them. She does the research, comes with up with concepts and presents our options via sketches and color palettes. We have always been so pleased with her work. She’s beyond comparison.”

BA: How did you choose (and continually choose) fabric banners as opposed to the alternatives?

“Downtown beautification has so many different aspects, and includes everything from trees to planter boxes. Banner Art Studio fabric art and banners bring so much vibrancy, color, and even movement to our downtown without a lot of maintenance. We install them at the beginning of the season, then take them down at the end of the season.”

“Banners from Banner Art Studio also give us a way to promote events going on all summer long. They are a communication tool, but they’re beautiful. The look is unexpected, colorful, and draws the eye. They do a great job of communicating to visitors and reminding locals about what’s coming up.”

“We haven’t deviated from Banner Art products because of the diversity of needs they meet in such a beautiful way. We don’t have to order in great quantities, we can replace or add different designs each year, pricing is reasonable, and the repair and replacement program helps keep costs down too. It’s an investment that makes sense for us.”

“Banner Art Studio always works with us if the banners need changes as festival dates change through the years. They also have an excellent repair program for the banners as they age. Mettje’s staff is excellent, and the turnaround is quick. She has earned our trust over the years because we know we’re going to get a beautiful product.”

BA: Are there any creative ways cities can budget and pay for banners? 

“An idea for cities everywhere who want beautiful banners like this is to co-op with other organizations or businesses. Instead of a cash sponsorship, they can “sponsor” a banner, which becomes a marketing tool for them as well. Banner Art Studio banners can serve a purpose for a lot of different stakeholders, and bring a community together.”

Ami Fair, Marketing Director, City of Cortez, Colorado

Thanks so much Ami for all of the great feedback! It is always a pleasure working with you.

About the City of Cortez

The tree-shaded town of Cortez is a beautiful place, offering over 300 acres of parks, trails, and open space. Cortez, known as the archaeological center of America, is home to Mesa Verde National Park, Hovenweep National Monument and Canyon of the Ancients National Monument. Locals and tourists visit Cortez for the diverse hiking, biking, golfing, fishing and outdoor recreational opportunities that abound between the high plains deserts and awe-inspiring mountain rages of southwestern Colorado.

From rodeos to mountain bike races, Cortez is host to a variety of annual events.  Celebrating local heritage and culture, the community produces a myriad of events throughout the year.  Hot air balloons, car shows, wine and art festivals, concerts, Indian dances and gallery exhibits. Featuring a historic shopping district with boutiques and trading posts, restaurants and art studios.

About Banner Art Studio

Our event banners and street banners help demarcate a downtown area, promote shopping districts, create ambiance and encourage shoppers to make a day of it. Our holiday banners are very popular around Christmastime – they bring cheer when the leaves are off the trees, advertise special shopping days and look spectacular with a white backdrop of snow.

Here are more examples of just some of the types of downtown and festival banners we have created:

Contact Banner Art Studio today to start the discussion about a banner for your downtown, festival or shopping district. We have a broad, inspiring portfolio, creative artists on staff, and we can bring your unique idea to life.



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    Client Interview: Ami Fair, City of Cortez on City Beautification with Fabric Banner Art – Banner Art

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    Client Interview: Ami Fair, City of Cortez on City Beautification with Fabric Banner Art – Banner Art

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    Client Interview: Ami Fair, City of Cortez on City Beautification with Fabric Banner Art – Banner Art