Fall Festival & Holiday Banners

Fabric street banner art created by Banner Art Studios

Large custom fall festival and holiday banners for downtown areas define shopping districts, mark the entrance to festivals, and advertise upcoming events in your neighborhood.

Telluride Film Festival Banners by Banner Art Studio. Photo Credit: Ralph Barnie

Hand-sewn from Dupont Solarmax Nylon Flag Fabric, custom fall festival banners and holiday banners from Banner Art Studio are superior in quality, look and appeal to canvas banners and vinyl banners. (Click here to read the backstory on the banner below, produced by Banner Art Studio for the 1990 Mountain Bike Championships – it was at the center of a 22-year international mystery!)

MTB Championships Banner by Banner Art Studio. Photo Credit: DAVID BERGELAND/Durango Herald

The artists at Banner Art Studio fabricate custom outdoor fall festival and holiday banners in collaboration with our clients. We produce grand opening banners, advertising flags and banners, outdoor advertising banners and light post banners in full color.

Farmers Market Banner by Banner Art Studio

Our banners and flags celebrate local history (like our wild salmon banners for Petersburg, AK), flora and fauna native to an area (like our summer sunflowers for Glenwood Springs, CO), showcase fall foliage (like our Normandy,  MO flag pole banners), and to mark events like Farmer’s Markets.

We produced flounder, salmon, shrimp and red snapper banners for Petersburg, Alaska, known as a fishing town and for its vibrant outdoorsy lifestyle.

Sally Dwyer of Petersburg, Alaska says:

The 20 banners on Main Street have added to the excitement and energy of shopping and visiting downtown Petersburg. We are looking forward to hanging the 16 colorful new banners at the 4 harbor areas to welcome the fishermen home and the visitors to the island.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

Our fall festival banners, holiday banners, event banners and street banners help demarcate a downtown area, promote shopping districts, create ambiance and encourage shoppers to make a day of it. Our holiday banners are very popular around Christmastime – they bring cheer when the leaves are off the trees, advertise special shopping days and look spectacular with a white backdrop of snow.

Here are more examples of just some of the types of downtown and festival banners we have created:

See more examples of Banner Art Studio handiwork in our Custom Fabric Art Galleries.

Aspen Light Pole Banners by Banner Art Studio

Contact Us today to start the discussion about an over the street banner for your town or district. We have a broad, inspiring portfolio, creative artists on staff, and we can bring your unique idea to life.

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