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This suspended art installation contains logo symbols, colors, brands a space and creates a focal point to welcome guests to the space.

Banner Art Studio is often commissioned by architects and interior designers to create colorful suspended art installations for atriums and large architectural spaces. We are experts in incorporating logos, colors and other visuals into our design. The outcome is beautiful art that reflects the organization’s mission, unites teams and gives a sense of place to modern indoor office environments.

“When our client does not occupy an entire building, we need to find creative ways to convey their message,” says Cathy Cherry, Principal at Purple Cherry Architects. “A large scale hanging art mobile is an incredible way-finding tool for people.”

Banner Art Studio’s large scale suspended art installations are fabricated of the finest quality transluscent Dupont Solarmax nylon and welded stainless steel armature to react with both man-made and natural light like stained glass. They are designed to catch interior air currents and both natural and manmade light so that they move slowly, spark visual interest, complement interior decor and reflect a client’s core values, spirit and aspirations. They hang in education centers, museums, schools, universities and adorn corporate work spaces and atriums worldwide.

Givaudan Flavors Atrium Art

The fabrication, shipping and installation process Banner Art Studio has developed for our large-scale suspended art installations and fabric atrium mobiles means we can ship even a large piece like this from our studio in Del Norte, Colorado anywhere in the country or the world. Our clients repeatedly tell us:

“It was amazing how easy Banner Art Studio made the mobile to install. One person could handle a piece of the mobile easily, and they do an incredible job of marking things so it’s obvious for anyone to see how they fit together.”

Our artistic process helps hospitals, universities, research centers and nonprofits create maximum impact while staying within budget.

Holloman Air Force Base Fabric Atrium Art

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