Custom Outdoor Changeable Banners

Our client can re-use year after year because of changeable message panels

At Banner Art Studio, we design high quality custom outdoor banners and main street banners with changeable copy to promote downtown shopping districts, festivals, farmer’s markets, real estate developments and more. Our reusable banners are custom, durable and artist-designed.

See more of our Main Street Banners in our Photo Gallery.

We design our standard across the street mural banners, shown here, to comply with street and signage codes in your downtown. They are so easy to install and have become a favorite with installation crews around the country. Our typical banner measures 4′ to 6′ high by 24′ to 35′ wide, but any size is available.

You can include one or two smaller side panels (with changeable messaging) measuring 4′ by 5′ and 3′ by 5′ with our standard banner. Our clients use these custom outdoor banners year after year – they can change dates, sponsor information, locations and more by swapping out the side panels. When considering changeable message signs, consider a beautiful fabric banner! Their durability, lasting beauty and the ability to change messaging makes them a much more a cost-effective option than you might think. We include a maintenance package with every banner we sell, where the banner can be shipped back to us in the off season for repairs and cleaning.

Colorful, changeable banner advertising farm market dates & sponsor

We use 200 denier translucent nylon, and the color possibilities are endless – so you can make your design completely custom. The final cost of your banner will be adjusted based on size and complexity of lettering.

Your installation crew will love working with our outdoor banners


An artist will work with you to make your idea into reality, creating a finished product that achieves the look you want, incorporating logos and more. We are able to create beautiful, colorful quality sewn fabric outdoor banners that blend with and complement downtown architecture. They provide a classic, timeless look and effectively market your event or idea while being so attractive.

Our impressive client roster includes so many beautiful tourist attractions, cities, downtowns and the Telluride Film Festival. Our banners were at the heart of a 22 year international mystery surrounding the World Championship of Mountain Biking, and have even flown in the space shuttle!

Banner Art Studio can customize our street banners to your exact dimensions. They can be very large yet remain strong and durable because of our state of the art, Solarmax 200 Denier Nylon that is Made in the USA. It is a lightweight fabric, yet very strong. All wear points are re-enforced and grommets are set in 1 1/2” or 2” polypropylene webbing. For high wind areas, we can use a nylon webbing as part of your banner. The nylon mesh is incorporated into the banner to reduce wind load, and can be an attractive element of the overall design. Our banners can also be configured to be used for multiple events and/or from year to year. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about the materials used in creating your next street banners.

Now is the time to plan your holiday shopping district banner, and your spring and summer festival banners for 2015! Contact us by phone, email or Request a Quote to get started on your custom outdoor banner today.


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