Festival Banners

It’s summertime, and that means festival banners are being hand crafted by artists at Banner Art Studio for our clients all over the U.S.A. and the world!

We use a border applique technique and a zigzag stitching to hand-fabricate flags, banners and hanging art mobiles made in the U.S.A. in our 10,000 square foot studio in Del Norte, Colorado.

Our main street banners show community pride and inform locals and visitors alike of summer festivals and celebrations.

Our custom, hand-sewn banners hang across your town or city streets to promote special events in your community.

We make many of our festival banners re-usable, giving customers the ability to swap out dates, locations, and sponsors. Save money and time with across the street festival banners  from Banner Art Studio that allow multiple years of enjoyment.

Our flags, banners and street light banners offer a unified look to outdoor spaces and inspire a community’s public identity.

Colorado artist and Banner Art Studio founder Mettje Swift is well known for her durable light post banners for city streets, historic districts, community buildings, recreation facilities, courtyards and neighborhood parks. She leads a team creating light post banners and other large scale public art that renders a stained glass effect.

Banner Art Studio uses light-translucent Solarmax nylon fabric. Solarmax is made in the U.S.A., treated for ultraviolet protection and fire retardant for indoor use.

All of our fabric art is artist designed and constructed from bright, translucent, highly durable fabric. In high wind areas they can also incorporate mesh to reduce wind load. Our time-tested artistic methods offer a unique, balanced perspective each time a piece is viewed.

We also produce large scale fabric art mobiles and displays for architectural interiors at Banner Art Studio.

Our beautiful, colorful, light-translucent across the street banners are custom made for music festivals, humane society events, art districts, holiday celebrations, farmers markets, school pride days and more.

We provide an optional Installation, Care and Maintenance Program for all of the art we produce. Contact Us for More Information and Pricing, and see more festival banners in Our Work: Photo Galleries.