Children’s Centers

Commissioned Fabric Art for Kids

Trust Banner Art Studio, a company with a 30 year track record of success working with children’s hospitals, schools, childcare centers and children’s recreation facilities to help you create a sense of community and well-being with custom art and banners. Hospitals, pediatric dentists and doctors benefit from the therapeudic effects of banners and artwork to spark visual interest, complement commercial interior decor and turn a potentially unpleasant hospital environment into a positive experience. Large scale hanging mobiles and mobile installations enhance your hospital’s or children’s facility’s aesthetic, brighten large open spaces and send a positive, healing message. Schools, museums, youth centers and recreation centers use our kinetic mobile art for kids to reinforce core values, create a sense of community, and ignite a child’s learning process and imagination.

We are proud to serve leading children’s facilities around the world, including:

  • The Indianapolis Zoo
  • Oklahoma University Children’s Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Buell Children’s Museum, Pueblo, Colorado
  • Crystal River Elementary School, Carbondale, Colorado
  • Battlement Mesa Middle School, Parachute, Colorado
  • Escalante Middle School, Durango, Colorado
  • McKennan Recreation Center, Maple Grove, Indiana
  • Durango Community Recreation Center, Durango, Colorado
  • Ceide Fields Archeology Museum, Dublin, Ireland
  • Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Mountain Lakes High School, New Jersey
  • Marine Corps Youth Center, Oahu, Hawaii

Colorado artist and founder of Banner Art Studio Mettje Swift has also been commissioned to create art made of fabric for exciting hands-on workshops for children and teachers, play shelters, play houses and animal costumes for children’s facilities. She teaches children the concepts of symbol making, design and how to make banners in schools, museums, community centers and after school programs. The art of converting pictures into design form and using them to send a message is not your typical arts and crafts class! It can add spirit, pride, expression, beauty and originality to any kid’s program.

See the photo at left for an example of the custom soft nylon cloth animal costumes Mettje created as part of an interactive children’s exhibit at the Buell Children’s Museum. These costumes have been used successfully as part of the learning environment there for many years.

Contact Banner Art Studio today if your organization is interested in quality, washable children’s costumes that will bring your educational program to life.

Banners for Children’s Facilities

Hospitals, museums and schools have been benefiting from message-oriented banners by Banner Art Studio for over 30 years. Let us help you advertise upcoming events, reinforce core values, create a sense of community, and celebrate kids’ accomplishments with a custom, hand-sewn applique banner. We create custom banners that highlight upcoming celebrations or celebrate accomplishments at your facility. Trust the experts at Banner Art Studio for attractive artist-rendered design, eye-catching hand-sewn fabric graphics, and a track record of 30 years of experience with hospitals, museums, schools and recreation centers large and small across the U.S. and the world.

Indoor Suspended Installations and Hanging Mobiles for Children’s Facilities

Suspended banners, fabric sculptures and fabric mobile art are ideal for decorating atrium installations, entryways and school hallways. Children, teachers and health care practitioners alike delight in the gentle movement and color our fabric sculptures add to interior spaces. Nurture a sense of well-being, hope and pride in your hospital or children’s facility by adding the magic of floating color and symbol. Banner Art Studio creates mobiles, which have a single hanging point, and mobile installations, which include multiple sculptures with multiple hanging points for children’s hospitals, museums, schools and other children’s facilities.


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