Bright Butterfly Ceiling Installation in Tornado Alley Elementary School

Our first delivery of butterflies to Grove Valley, Oklahoma happened on the same day of the first tornado in May 2013, which devastated schools and communities on the south edge of Edmond.

Still, our contact there provided this testimonial about the installation process:

“The maintenance men from administration had no problem installing the butterflies and leaflets. The hardware provided by your company is the key to seamless installation.” -Kathleen, Grove Valley School, Edmond OK

It was with heavy hearts that we received the news of the devastating tornadoes. The symbolism of butterflies, chosen by the school, connotes new beginnings and transformation. It seems an appropriate choice, offering hope and light to this community.

The suspended art installations are fabricated from translucent Dupont Solarmax, which catches ambient light, giving the mobiles a stained glass-like quality. They are like jewelry for architectural interiors, adding color, movement and light to any space illuminated by natural or manmade light.

Banner Art butterfly art mobiles brighten architectural interiors, and their slow turning movement is meditative and calming. Students’ creativity, perspective and thought processes are awakened when new angles of the same piece are seen. Schools, museums, youth centers and recreation centers use our kinetic mobile art for kids to reinforce core values, create a sense of community, and ignite a child’s learning process and imagination.

Our hanging fabric art sculptures animate spaces, adding light and color. See examples of our work in our Galleries.

Fill out our Contact Form or give us a call to get started. Banner Art Studio will work with you to design a completely new, custom art mobile that meets both your organizational objectives and enhances your building’s architectural style. Get started brightening up your interior space and creating a symbol for your community by contacting the artists at Banner Art Studio today.

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