Dupont Solarmax Nylon Flag Fabric

We use Dupont’s newest nylon flag fabric SolarMax® because it out-performs other nylons.

"Butterfly Kaleidoscope" suspended installation at the Indianapolis Zoo's Hilbert Conservatory

"Butterfly Kaleidoscope," an Indoor/Outdoor Art Installation / Zoo Exhibit Produced in Collaboration with the Indianapolis Zoo

  • Best Resistance To Damaging UV Rays
  • Substantial 200 Denier Nylon Weave
  • Longest Lasting Nylon Material Available
  • Flies In The Lightest Breeze
  • Saturated With The Brightest Colors For A Great Appearance

Dupont SolarMax® provides a durable and attractive fabric that also maintains its color and shape when used outdoors in bright sunlight. SolarMax is durable due to its dense weave, yet retains nylon’s excellent ability to fly in very light winds. Its unique fibers allows full dye saturation for bright, long-lasting colors in a strong, durable fabric. SolarMax represents the pinnacle of nylon flag material development from the world’s leading maker of nylon flag fabrics. When combined with Banner Art Studio’s expert border applique sewing technique and creative process, SolarMax fabric allows us to make the best and most artistic nylon flags, suspended art installations, large scale butterfly art installations, downtown shopping district light pole banners and across the street and main street festival banners available. See more in our image galleries.

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