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Our Process

Each beautifully translucent applique banner and suspended art installation by Banner Art Studio is designed by our artists in collaboration with our clients to create truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork and banners that represent the spirit of a community or place.

The gentle motion of our indoor mobile art is soothing, meditative and therapeutic. Our flags and banners offer a unified look to outdoor spaces and inspire a community’s public identity. Our time-tested artistic methods offer a unique, balanced perspective each time a piece is viewed. The indoor art installations are created to catch a building’s air currents, and the pure colors of the fabric act like stained glass to reflect both natural and artificial light.

Needs Assessment Phase

Our artists will work with your organization and any available resources including your architects, art buyers, interior designers, and/or to-scale architectural renderings to design a piece that works with your:

  • Space
  • Brand, messaging and colors
  • Existing architectural design
  • Zoning, historic district and existing streetscape

This Needs Assessment will allow us to propose the planned time of delivery and cost of your upcoming custom art installation. The price of the final piece is dependent upon size, materials and complexity.

Design Phase

Based on the Needs Assessment, our artists will present a visual representation of your project in a format that makes the most sense for your team and the overall installation.

We will deliver a sketch, scale model or 3D rendering of the piece including the installation’s exact specifications.

Banner Art Studio offers fixed cost pricing for design work.

Build Phase 

The Banner Art Studio team will handcraft, sew and weld your mobile installation, banner or flags in our 10,000 square foot studio in Del Norte, Colorado.

Our technique employs years of experience, the latest technology, a broad and inspiring portfolio, and our talent to bring your unique idea to life. Banner Art Studio will design a completely new, custom work of art that meets both your organizational objectives and enhances your building’s architectural style, your streetscape, or wherever your piece of original art will reside.

A pattern is developed based on your specific needs and the context in which the fabric art will be installed. Fabric and structure are specified to fit your unique design and environment.

Each piece of fabric is individually cut with a hot knife to seal its edges and prevent fraying. The pieces are sewn together using a border applique technique and a zigzag stitch along the narrow overlap between them. Banner Art Studio designs are, by technique, the same on both sides. The care we take in craftsmanship results in individualized works of art that are as stunning as stained glass.

We use lightweight stainless steel and light-translucent Solarmax nylon fabric. Solarmax is made in the USA, treated for ultraviolet protection and fire retardant for indoor use.


All of our artwork features easy installation and cleaning. Installing your finished piece can be simple, “like hanging a Christmas tree decoration,” says artist Mettje Swift. “I think of my work as jewelry for architectural spaces.” Complete and detailed installation instructions are provided with every piece. We provide an optional Installation, Care and Maintenance Program for all of the art we produce.

“Mettje’s willingness to work with us on tough deadlines and tough demands by our clients has never faltered. She is also exceptional at working with my clients on-site.” Mitch Bangert, Art Consultant. Denver, Colorado

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